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Even though they’ ve barely changed in hundreds of years, mortars are still one of the most effective weapons on the battlefield. Mortars tactical use is based on their ability to cause serious casualties to enemy forces without risking any friendly forces. This is the reason why MSETT has developed a unique and innovative software for training military personnel who is serving in mortar units.
Having the name of one of the most important mathematicians of ancient Greece , EUCLID can train both Forward Observers and Fire Direction Centre personnel.

~ What is really innovative in EUCLID is that the same software can be used in real operations for computing accurate calculations of corrections for almost all mortar types and calibers .

~ By operating in 3D graphics maps and based on a pioneering methodology, EUCLID provides a tool that can make the difference in a modern battlefield and especially in Middle East and African landscapes.

~ The simplicity of the idea joins forces with the effectiveness of training and accuracy of real data.

~ MSETT can customize it's products under specific instructions and special characteristics of the final user (language, mortar type and calider, type of training, fire control centre capabilities and many more).

~ EUCLID also provides high precision firing solutions with the use of: Map calculations (height, LOS, resection, etc). Plotting Board calculations (direction of fire, range, etc). Use of firing tables (charge, elevation, fuse setting, etc). There is a Demo version available, please contact MSETT in


High Emergency Reaction & Management Enterprise System (HERMES), is an integrated security system which consists of three major modules:

~ Airport security and crisis response system.
~ Critical infrastructure integrated security and emergency planning system.
~ Homeland security tactical planning and crisis response system.

HERMES as a unique and innovative set of services follow a methodological sequence of procedures that supports planners, decision makers and security officials to sustain a full and effective system for securing people and high value infrastructure in the most efficient way. HERMES major steps are the following:

~ Operational (Tactical) planning testing and optimizing via experimentation with the use of simulation and CAX methodology. Detailed Deployment Plans (DDP) for every entity (up to the level of small teams), testing and optimization through very high analysis scenarios through simulation.
~ Personnel and headquarters integrated training with CAX methodological tools and serious gaming software.
~ Systems and personnel evaluation through simulation for two sets of scenarios: Rational and irrational.
~ Continuous security gaps finding, testing and bridging via a systematic training and by a role playing activity as "opponents" to the security system.
~ Security hardware and software testing via "unrealistic" scenarios based on fantastic actions of groups of people threatening the public security.
~ HERMES is supporting efficiently and in low costs and by saving time, all levels of security operations, mainly in the training area. Planning is also supported by the use of special software (Operational - Tactical Planning Tools), in addition to experimentation for inserting new ideas, courses of action and operational methods . By this way, security planners reduce the probability of surprise coming from various levels and types of threats. For more information about HERMES please contact


HERMES Airport Security Training (HAST), is an integrated training system that can be used for advanced training for airports' security personnel and police - fire brigade forces. HAST consists of three levels of training:

~ Individual airports' security personnel training through serious games advanced applications.
~ Group training through CAX methodology.
~ System training based on CAX methodology and operational planning procedures.

HAST can be offered to Security Companies, Police and Fire Brigade agencies and Airports' Management Companies. In all cases, HAST is a fully customized product whose training objective is to provide a full skilled security personnel to airports and maximize the coordination level between the different security agencies and roles.


HERMES Critical Infrastructure Security Training (HCIT) is a complete training system based on very high analysis simulation models and a unique and innovative methodology, for training security personnel in a set of procedures concerning critical infrastructure security.
HCIT can be used for training personnel, managers and decision makers, in planning, organizing and executing security operations for critical infrastructure such as:

~ Oil and Gas land and sea infrastructure
~ Public building and high value targets (safe houses, deposit places, banks, warehouses, etc.)
~ Ports and critical coastal infrastructure


Asclepious was the ancient Greek god of health who was assisting people in curing diseases and also leading them to a healthy way of living. MSETT's product Asclepious is a full customized healthcare operational and training system which is providing a set of solutions to healthcare professionals for optimizing their capabilities, save money and precious time and add more skills for managing complex healthcare situations. The main tool is a methodological training system analysed in three levels:

~ Individual training and self - training through a set of scenarios supported by serious games. At the same time, healthcare personnel can be evaluated in a weekly basis based on its outputs from simulation.

~ Group Training, where a healthcare simulation model is used for once a month limited range simulation exercises for conducting everyday situations and special occasions scenarios. From these exercises there is a management evaluation in the areas of interest that the medical or healthcare organization choose for training.

~ System Training, for a whole healthcare system in high level and lower levels of healthcare management, based on constructive simulation models with customized scenarios for healthcare operations. This training is following the Computer Assisted Exercises methodology as it is customized for healthcare management systems.

Additionally, Asclepious provides operational planning software for healthcare operations in order to significantly reduce the operational planning time and to produce detailed plans in all levels of healthcare. The expected results are summarized in two basic categories, budget reduction and response time optimizing. Full use of Asclepious guarantees impressive results in no more than one year. The reduction of budgets in addition to services optimization is something that god Asclepious can definitely offer through a continuous professional effort. After all, human life and health is the most valuable good in humanity and MSETT's services can ensure quality in the healthcare system.


Asclepius Individual Training (AIT) is a set of training utilities with the use of Serious Games for all professionals of a healthcare unit, like a hospital f.e. AIT is offering a set of tools for healthcare professionals for achieving daily, weekly and monthly working targets in order to optimize their performance, save time and control in a effective way unusual situations and manage small range crises.
AIT consists of the following modules:

~ Simulation tools, mainly Serious Games software.
~ Self evaluation and manager evaluation tools.
~ Training results analysis tools.

AIT is a full training method for healthcare individuals and its main advantage is that in very limited time the personnel is "bombed" with a significant number of scenarios and raise its level of experience and knowledge. Doctors, nurses, administration personnel, drivers, reception personnel and managers are testing themselves in a daily basis for no more than twenty minutes and get important information of how to act and react under certain circumstances in order to avoid any kind of surprises and adapt innovative methods for almost every possible situation.


Asclepius Group Training (AGT) is a unique service that offers advanced training via simulation to groups of health professionals in the healthcare industry. AGT is focused on simulation of the procedures according to the doctrines of World Health Organization ( and follows an optimized standard of training that is evaluating the "productivity", effectiveness and reaction of healthcare professionals in a team working environment. The entity level that can use AGT is a hospital or a health centre, as it is treated as a unique healthcare organization. AGT consists of the following modules:

~ AGTM01: Group training objectives analysis.
~ AGTM02: Healthcare organization procedures and special situations study.
~ AGTM03: Healthcare organization operational planning, budget management and job description study.
~ AGTM04: Scenario(s) development for the healthcare organization according to its mission and its generic sections and departments minor missions or work.
~ AGTM05: Constructive simulation models' databases development in order to represent in the most realistic and efficient way the unique entities of the healthcare organization and their working procedures.
~ AGTM06: Optimization development for all procedures that need to be described for training personnel in groups with very high analysis constructive simulation models.
~ AGTM07: Group training exercises (up to three days) with simulation, based on Computer Assisted Exercises (CAX) customized methodology.
~ AGTM08: Exercises' results analysis and proposals for optimizing operational planning, training and procedures of the healthcare organization.

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