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Even though they’ ve barely changed in hundreds of years, mortars are still one of the most effective weapons on the battlefield. Mortars tactical use is based on their ability to cause serious casualties to enemy forces without risking any friendly forces. This is the reason why MSETT has developed a unique and innovative software for training military personnel who is serving in mortar units.
Having the name of one of the most important mathematicians of ancient Greece , EUCLID can train both Forward Observers and Fire Direction Centre personnel.

~ What is really innovative in EUCLID is that the same software can be used in real operations for computing accurate calculations of corrections for almost all mortar types and calibers .

~ By operating in 3D graphics maps and based on a pioneering methodology, EUCLID provides a tool that can make the difference in a modern battlefield and especially in Middle East and African landscapes.

~ The simplicity of the idea joins forces with the effectiveness of training and accuracy of real data.

~ MSETT can customize it's products under specific instructions and special characteristics of the final user (language, mortar type and calider, type of training, fire control centre capabilities and many more).

~ EUCLID also provides high precision firing solutions with the use of: Map calculations (height, LOS, resection, etc). Plotting Board calculations (direction of fire, range, etc). Use of firing tables (charge, elevation, fuse setting, etc). There is a Demo version available, please contact MSETT in

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