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“Bolivar” is a unique and innovative set of integrated services which is focused on the Latin and South America countries standards and characteristics for military, security, education, healthcare and social development. “Bolivar” scenarios are inspired from the name of Simon de Bolivar, the great South American historic personality.

The main objective of this set of services is to support the evolution of the area in a way that will increase prosperity and optimize productivity by creating secure environments and social equilibria. On the other hand, Bolivar is a tool for training in military tactics and operational planning followed by a set of simulation models, capable for every level (strategic to man - on - the - loop). The unique way that simulation models are connected between them and their capability to be connected to every kind of C2, C4I and C4I SR systems can also be really helpful in real operations.


Bolivar, as an integrated service package is covering a set of areas that can provide training, operational planning and development with the use of simulation. Based on MSETT's methodology the full set of services is as follows:

~ Operational Planning Methodology (Processes and Procedures) and Operational Planning Optimization: For given operational planning, MSETT is capable of optimizing both the planning and the methodology of it, by reforming all procedures under its own working method, without affecting the initial processes and procedures. The method mainly has to do with the limitations flexibility and the dynamic way that the processes can be considered by the planners.
~ Exercise Planning, Organizing & Supporting: Based on the unique MSETT's methodology for Computer Assisted Exercises, this service has been tailored to meet the needs of Arabic Gulf countries and GCC.
~ Training System & On Line training platform: MSETT's target is to improve the training conditions of each client, to set training targets and describe how these targets will be achieved through a systematic work.
~ Strategic Analysis: Dr Marincic is MSETT's international partner in this area and his skills and knowledge led him for many years to be a NATO/Joint Warfare Centre scenario builder and strategic analyst.
~ Multilevel – Multi-service Simulation: MSETT is capable of using a significant number of constructive simulation models, providing secure tools for training, evaluation of operational planning and experimentation.

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