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Our expertise spans across Computer Assisted Exercises, Modelling & Simulation, War Gaming, Operational Gaming, Experimentation and Serious Games Applications.


Cax Applications


The idea of reducing the costs of non field military training generated the concept of Computer Assisted Exercises which came as a logical procedure after almost 20 years of war gaming based on simulation.

Healthcare Operations

Healthcare systems are being constantly optimized worldwide in order to offer high level health services at low cost.

Facilities Management

Usage of facilities, security of critical infrastructure and crowd management are all significant elements of managing facilities such as hospitals, ports, airports or government buildings.

History Representation

CAX can be used to connect the present with the future through simulation models that are used for representing scenarios.

Civil Protection

One of the most important activities of national and international agencies is the protection of civilians against all kinds of natural disasters as well as the prevention of events that may harm the society.

Humanitarian Operations

CAX methodology is an efficient tool for all levels and services executives whose mission is humanitarian operations.

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